Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Years Resolutions: Spend More Time With the Family

This is the seventh post in this series of ten posts that I am doing to cover the most common New Year Resolutions, this post will give you suggestions for spending more time with your family time. It can be very hard to get to spend time with your family but there are solutions around it.

Manage your time better
People often get caught up in everyday stuff that they can't seem to make time for their family. I like to use the Trello app and website which was kindly recommended to me by a friend. I'd also recommend getting a diary and a calender so you know what you have to do each day. It just helps take the guess work out of everyday life and allows you to manage your time better. Once you've actually cleared some time from your schedule you'll want to do something fun together. 

Doing crafts with the kids can be an amazing way to bond. Over Christmas my nephew cam to stay and we made some lovely decorations and it kept him occupied for a couple of hours. Pinterest has loads of crafts you can do with the younger members of your family.

This is definitely one for the girls. We can bond over shopping any time, even if we don't buy anything. Many a day I have spent scouring charity shops for a bargain with my sisters. 

Everyone likes films, most teenagers don't want to spend that much time with their family so this can be a sneaky way to get them to spend time with you. The BBC has loads of free films so you don't even have to spend money to have quality time. For cheap cinema deals click here.


If you've decided to start working out as part of your New Year resolutions it might be good to get your family involved that way you are multi tasking and balancing your time better. You could also take your family out to a sports event if you are that way inclined. 

Cooking and baking with your family can be therapeutic. Getting kids involved will make them feel like they have achieved something and if you are dealing with older teens, even if they don't want to bake with you, they can enjoy the benefits. Here are just some ideas for simple and cheap things you can bake with your family. 

Online and on the Phone
I rarely get chance to spend quality time with my family because I live away so I've started to make use of what I have available. You don't have to be with someone physically to be in contact. E-mail, facebook, phoning, face time even tweeting can just let someone know you appreciate them and want to spend more time with them. Just do it. You can fit in a quick text every once in a while. 

Let me know your suggestions for maximising family time in the comments below or on twitter or facebook. To see all posts in this series click here

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