This blog is entirely dedicated to my mother and I hope it makes her proud.

A little about the blog

Legally (and ethically!) I have to declare that I use affiliated links within my blog. You are probably thinking "what the frig is an affiliated link and what does it mean for me?", well actually it doesn't affect you a great deal but it does earn a little bit of cash for me. Basically affiliated linking works by letting a company know that I have used a link to their product, the increased traffic to that product from my link may lead to increased sales so they give me a little cut as a way of saying thank you for helping to sell their products. As a promise to you I will NEVER link to irrelevant products/websites solely to gain money nor will I be paid to write a positive review. On occasion I am sent products for consideration or asked to review websites but if I don't like them I either won't write about them or I will tell you I don't like them. I'm glad that I could be open and honest with you about this and I hope that you don't feel duped or betrayed.

A little bit about me

Hazel's Slightly Skint blog is written by me, Hazel Mae Blakey-Graham. I'm 20 and originally from Lincoln but moved to Sheffield in 2011 to study Sociology at The University of Sheffield. This blog was inspired by the need for some extra curricular activities on my CV but has turned into a rewarding hobby.

I grew up on a council estate and have been frugal all my life. My mother has taught me almost everything I know about money saving and now I am passing it on to others. As a child we had very little money but we always had the essentials; we were always well fed and kept warm. I lived almost exclusively in my sisters' hand-me-down clothing until the age of 10 and to this day I still buy the majority of my clothes from the charity shop.

Throughout my life I have reminded of the value of money. Even though I always try to save money sometimes it is worth spending a little extra to get high quality goods rather than wasting money repeatedly buying poor quality. I think some people struggle with money today because they do not appreciate the value of money, they don't think that they should have to give up luxuries to save money. I know I'd rather stay warm than spend money on an expensive perfume.

My philosophy isn't that time is money; I believe that spending money can save you time and spending time will save/make you money. People aren't willing to invest their time into making or saving money. I've invested hours of my time selling items on eBay and researching how to save money on my shopping bill and this has been fruitful for me.

I hope this has given you a little bit of background on me and has allowed you to see where my blog is coming from. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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