Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian - Is revenge best served as a size 10?

Today I'm going to be doing a bit of a review and commentary piece on the show Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. This is step away from my usual light hearted ramblings and more toward my sociological thoughts on body confidence and internal struggles.

I absolutely love the Kardashians and think that everything every single one of them touches turns to gold, a bit like that time Kim posted nude in the desert. In my opinion Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian, however, does not have the (Midas Touch) Kardashian Kiss bestowed upon it.

The show has faced a lot of criticism since it aired because of the lack screen time Khloe Kardashian has actually got per episode with her featuring for a few seconds at the beginning at that's about it. My gripe with the show is not about that though. In fact, I would dare say it was a conscious decision for her to take a lesser role in the show due to how dire this concept has been portrayed in this production.

My main criticism with the show is the entire premise of a 'revenge body' in this context. I get that it's supposed to be bettering yourself because of how other people have treated you and basically making a negative thing into a positive experience but some of the people on this show really haven't tapped into that ethos.

"I'm getting thin because my boyfriend said he was no longer attracted to me. I hope he will be attracted to be after" but you're still with someone who has made you feel shitty and made no effort to help you better yourself before which is what someone who actually loves you would do?

Some of the other people are just expecting the show to change their life without them actually changing. Like that chick who was smoking weed 3 times a day and was caught eating Cheetos. You expect to lose weight and change your life without actually changing anything? You are just Cheetoing yourself (did I actually just make that pun... saaaaaake).

This show isn't really about losing weight, is it? It's supposed to be about a lifestyle change (although you don't really get to see much of that). Not eating things that are bad for you, exercising more and becoming more healthy in the process. Ditching the bad habits that got you stuck in a rut. Doing something for yourself rather than ignoring who you are and what you want to be.

I feel as though the idea is kind of mislabeled as well. I see this kind of vision as more of an 'avenge' body. As in, avenging your old self. The participants are asked to say who they're getting revenge on but a lot of the time the reason just kind of comes down to them being treated badly by society. I'm not going to get into a huge debate about societal judgements of overweight people because there is nothing more I can really add to the conversation but I will say being healthy is key, I don't think that anyone should stop lifesaving medication in order to be thin that is literal insanity. But I feel as though the avenge body is about righting what has been wrong in your life. You got fat, lost confidence and stopped singing, now you're thin, have gained confidence and are performing live again. Great! You ditched your abusive ex and now you've got time to focus on you. That is awesome! 

I think what I'm trying to say is don't just get a good body to spite someone else. You need to do it for yourself and largely by yourself.

There was that girl who complained that she didn't feel like she was supported by her personal trainer because they were meeting once every few weeks. You need to understand that all this change doesn't come from them, it comes from you and the effort you put in.

I think generally the majority of people who want to lose weight struggle because they think it's going to be easy and there is just one aspect to change. In reality, people want to lose weight for a variety of reasons and mostly because they think they'll be a better person. You can't be a better person without actually being a better person.

Getting a weave and painting your nails does not make you a better or more confident or successful person. It can help but it doesn't make it true. Sticking on a tight white dress a la Khloe, does not make you a Kardashian. Losing weight does not make you a better person. It can make you more you but it needs to be true to that person inside or you'll still feel empty and longing.

TL;DR - This show is shit for showing you how to be true to yourself. Be you, do you, but that doesn't mean losing weight.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Approved Food Review*

Approved Food Review
Today I’m reviewing* brand busting, frugal food vendor and money saving site Approved Food, a service I’m surprised I’ve not mentioned more on my blog or done a separate review of especially as it’s on my website A-Z! I’ve been a customer of Approved Food since 2009 and haven’t stopped loving them. I’ve always been a massive believer in saving money everywhere you can, and for me it’s the small painless penny pinching that allows you to have the best quality things. Approved Food allows you to get the best brands like the rest for a little less!

My mum first introduced me to Approved Food, we’d both enjoy trying the things we could have never afforded from the supermarket. For those who are lucky enough to buy named brands regularly you’ll find all your favourites on their website from Sharwoods and Home Pride to Walkers and Cadbury. They’ll be nearing or over their best before date, but all still #PerfectlyGood and a hell of a lot cheaper than usual.

I used to use the site religiously as a student, we’d all pitch in and make a massive order, getting the parcel within about 3 days via courier and subsequently making a box fort (you’re never too old!). Approved Food tend to have wholesale cases of products so you can bulk buy, saving yourself time and money. I used to trade my bulk buys with my housemates so when I’d ran out of something I could trade and we’d all end up with something we wanted. This time I got a case of Maggi noodles and Hellman’s mayonnaise amongst many other delights.

Approved Food Haul
My impressive haul!
As a proper adult although my usual order has changed significantly, I still enjoy sifting through the bargains like a virtual ‘reduced to clear’ section picking out the gems and finding an absolute steal with a long shelf life. The range of fancy gourmet and ethnic foods is refreshing and is what puts Approved Food above other budget food purveyors. There’s things I get from Approved Food which I couldn’t even get from my local health food store like Moo Free chocolate or Weight To Go diet products (even if I could they’d cost me an absolute bomb). Not only can you get your dinner party presentable nibbles but they’ve also got your everyday non-food things as well like kitchen roll and beauty products which are definitely worth checking out.

I was impressed that I’d managed to get the components for a curry for (lentils, black eyed beans, naan breads and Loyd Grossman sauce) for less than 50p per portion. I’ve stocked up on cooking sauces for days when I’m feeling lazy, all I’ll need to add is veg and meat so we can have something tasty, quick and inexpensive. I was also really happy to find they’d given me a bag of Alpen granola fee with my order, I know they sometimes include little extras with your order which is always a nice surprise. The biggest surprise of all though was that we got £31.83 of goods which should have been £122.14, giving us a saving of £90ish had I gone to a supermarket.

If you’re tempted to try out Approved Food for yourself, head over to their site and fill your cupboards with delicious delicacies as well as your much loved brands for barely anything. See how much you can save!

Eating Cake
Mike eating the cakes I made from Approved Food ingredients

*I was kindly contacted by their PR team and given free delivery and £10 off my order in exchange for this post. As always, you can be assured these opinions are my own. I always have and always will be open and honest about any paid/sponsored posts.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

If I Wasn't Skint #4

If I wasn't skint, I'd totes (haha, get it?!) but this Bee and Puppycat tote bag. If you haven't seen Bee and Puppycat, you have to. It's made by the same people who do Bravest Warriors, with the adorable Catbug, and Adventure Time. Bee reminds me of myself whilst trying to be an adult and failing miserably.

Friday, 5 June 2015

A Comment on Cheap Housing

Recently me and Mike were looking for somewhere to live as I have been given notice for my current house. It's a pain in the arse attempting to navigate the weird and wonderful world of renting especially when you're trying to rent as cheaply as possible.

Where the bloody hell have all the decent houses gone?! It's either houseshares or unfurnished and needing work. Furnished places are extremely hard to come by which sucks because we are so not in the position to be buying furniture considering my current financial situation. Everywhere that is has a ridiculous rent and and even higher deposits.

The appeal of the lucrative student market, has caused many landlords to turn their houses into student only house-shares. In fact the likely reason I've been given notice on my house is because the landlord is wanting to rob budding academics of their student loans. With a bit of basic maths I've worked out my landlord could double his monthly income if they put in 3/4 students so it's no wonder so many landlords are choosing to put students into their houses. I know students need somewhere to live, but so do working people on lower incomes/higher outgoings like myself and so many young adults.

I am quite lucky in that I'm not getting as ripped off as my counterparts in the capital where 700 odd quid will get you something resembling Harry Potter's bedroom.        

Great for a midnight snack though...
Essentially we're all getting swizzed with extortionate rents apart from unscrupulous landlords, they're laughing all the way to the bank. Someone ought to do something about this shit.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

If I Wasn't Skint #3

It's hard not to be bombarded by advertising and want material things, it's worse when you have no disposable income (#3rdWorldProblems...). For me looking at pretty things is therapeutic and gives me something nice to aim for once I've paid off my debts.

Today, I'm lusting after these beautiful moonstone poison box rings, an absolute steal at £12! Get them here.