Tuesday, 21 January 2014

10 Motives e-cig Review

Today's post was made possible by the lovely PR people at 10 Motives who kindly sent me an a e-cigarette to try. Unfortunately I don't smoke, but I know someone who does so I let my friend review if for me as a follow on from my post about quitting smoking as a new year resolution. 

10 Motives offer a huge range of refillable and disposable electronic cigarettes including cigars and hookahs. I didn't even know that you could get an electronic cigar! Their cheapest e-cig is the Diamond Disposable Electronic Cigarette which is a mere £2.99 for the equivalent of 30 cigarettes. The one I was sent was the
Disposable Electronic Cigarette Regular which retails for £5.99 for the equivalent of 40 cigs. 
My friend absolutely loved trialling it and said "I'm definitely going to buy a few to help me quit". I knew she wanted to quit but it seemed unlikely because we have exams in a few weeks and she could easily do in a pack of 10 on a good day so I was shocked at how happy and eager she was about the prospect of switching from fags to e-cigs. 

The first thing that she was really impressed with was the taste of it, at first she was apprehensive about how different it would be. She was worried that the regular flavour might taste like plastic in comparison to a real cigarette but was pleasantly surprised. She also remarked that she didn't feel like she was missing out on smoking real cigarettes. For her the feeling was indistinguishable, although she did quip that it was weird not having to go out outside to smoke which could only be a good thing in this weather! Sadly, she dropped it in a puddle where it died an untimely death after about 4 days. So remember, they are good but they don't survive being drowned!

10 Motives e-cigarettes can be found at www.10motives.com.

10 Motives e-cigarettes represent amazing value for money and promote better health. If you are thinking about quitting smoking, give the 10 Motives range a try! 

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