Friday, 10 January 2014

New Years Resolution: Be more Productive

This is the seventh post in this series of ten posts that I am doing to cover the most common New Year Resolutions, this post will give you some tips for being more productive and organised.

Keep a to do list
I like to use the Trello app and website to categorise tasks that I need to do. The app allows you to prioritise certain tasks and allows you to have several lists at once making it much easier to break down large tasks into smaller more manageable chunks.

Use a calender
Putting a time limit on tasks will allow you to prioritise and just being aware of deadlines will keep the tasks in your mind so you will be more likely to remember them.
Schedule time for tasks
Make sure you over estimate the time a task will take so you can ensure that you have enough time to do everything.

Don't attempt to multi-task
It just doesn't work, only work on one thing at once.

Have a schedule
If you have a plan for you day then it will make things easier. Plan to complete tasks in the most convenient time slots. If you like to exercise on an empty stomach make sure you plan exercise for the morning.

Drink and eat well
You aren't going to be performing at your best if you don't drink enough water or eat enough healthy food. You need to keep yourself well so you don't run out of energy.

Use your commute
If you take the train or bus you could use your commuting time to order your groceries, check your emails, read through some notes, complete some course work or check your diary for what you will be doing for the day.

Take a break
If you start flagging, there is a reason why. You need to take a small break but if you really are pressed for time just change to a different task.

Get enough sleep
You can't possibly be productive if you are tired. Get enough sleep, take a nap if you have to.

Wake up early enough
You need to get up early enough to do something, don't wake up at 3pm and expect to make it to the bank.

Remember there are more important things in life. If something comes up it's okay to veer off track as long as you work hard to make up for your lost time.

Check your emails in the morning
It means you can address immediate things and schedule anything that needs doing early on in your day.

Delegate tasks
If there is any tasks that you can give to other people then do so. Even if it just means ordering your food shopping online or getting your boyfriend to put the washing in the washer.

Don't wait on others
If there is something that requires someone else to take action then make sure you alert them to their role early on. That way you can move on to something else productive and get the first task over and done with early.

Work around others
I hate going shopping or to the gym when it is packed so work around busy times. Doing this will save you time on these kinds of tasks.

Let me know your suggestions for maximising your productivity in the comments below or on twitter or facebook. To see all posts in this series click here

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