Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Years Resolutions: Quit Smoking

This is the final post in this series of ten posts that I am doing to cover the most common New Year Resolutions, this post will give you some information about quitting and help you decide what method is best for you. There are lots of methods and help out there to help you to quit smoking, you just need to be committed. 

So I'm guessing that if you are considering quitting smoking then you know what the health implications are but just in case you don't, here are 10 reasons to quit. From an economic stance, smoking is unhealthy for your finances. The average cost for a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK is £7.77 (Office of National Statistics, May 2013), if we assume the average smoker smokes 13 cigarettes a day (2011 General Lifestyle Survey) you could save around £1,843 if you quit for a year. 

The cheapest way to quit smoking is obviously to just give up cold turkey. The 
NHS can provide you with a mobile app, text reminders and emails and a Quit Kit which contains information and stress relief techniques to stop you smoking completely free. 

If you can't just quit smoking completely it is advisable to cut down slowly. If you smoke 13 a day, over the course of the week try and reduce it down to just 12 a day. If you carried on reducing your daily smoking habits by eliminating one cig a day you'll quit in a matter of months. Here are 10 ways to help yourself quit. Another useful service is QUIT Skype Counselling, you will get one to one coaching for quitting absolutely free.

You can feel some of the benefits of not smoking while still maintaining your nicotine intake. There are nicotine replacement therapies which can be prescribed by you doctor. For more information about what is available to you click here.

There are other very cheap options out there if you'd like to quit without a hefty prescription charge. 10 Motives provide a huge range of inexpensive e-cigs. E-cigarettes are best for those of you who still want the feeling of a cigarette because other nicotine replacement therapies can't occupy your hands and mouth in the same way.
The NHS have provided a special guide for under 18s to help you quit. If you are under 18 please go and see your doctor.

I hope you've all enjoyed this series! To see all posts in this series click here

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