Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites

Hey guys, so now it's March I thought I'd share with you all the things I;ve been loving over the month of February. I put a little clue on my Facebook page to hint to you guys what I'd be including, did you guess any right?

Fucking hell that's messy
The Debrief
When I was about 10 I used to love reading those pre-teen girly magazines like Mizz, well The Debrief is a bit like that apart from it's online and is definitely not aimed at kids. The content is a lot better than most of the women's magazines I'm used to reading where it's less about journalistic ability and more about what they can try to sell you. The Debrief is informative but hilarious, updated regularly and short enough to read on your tea break.  

Classic Simpsons
Who doesn't remember the episode where Maggie shoots Mr Burns? It's funny despite some of the jokes being older than I am. I remember watching The Simpsons on BBC2 before going to bed when I was tiny so it's also a lovely sense of nostalgia for me too.

H&M have really impressed me recently with their new collection for spring. There is a lot of mismatched bold patterns and styles happening which I love. I get sick of the repetitive designs 'inspired' by the catwalk where every high street shop has the exact same thing. I want to see a bit of innovation and a deviation away from what everyone else is doing.

This shit is bananas - £14 H&M (with thanks to Francesca Schiavoni for this picture)
Prada Candy by Prada
This perfume is absolutely divine. It's a very sweet but deep and sensual smell, which is exactly what I like in a scent. It is similar to Flowerbomb because they both have a very complex and layered scent however, Flowerbomb is (obviously) more floral smelling.

New Hair Colour
Because I'm naturally blonde I have to dye my hair at least once a month and after many colouring catastrophes over the years (green with ginger roots was not a good look for me) I always stick to the same shade which, until last week, was Nice n Easy 118E or Medium Mahogany Brown as it is also called. When I went into Boots my beloved shade was not there, I also checked on Tesco but it was not there either. It turns out Clairol has had a bit of a shift around with their shades and renamed them, apparently 118E did not make the cut. So I went for the closest thing I could find which was 4RB or formerly 120C. I'm actually really impressed with this colour, it's a lot redder than what 118E was so I'm quite happy with that as I've always prefered a warmer colour.

In search of a different night out experience, my friends and I took a jaunt down to our local Mecca Bingo. Just like the Islamic pilgrimage, you have to visit Mecca Bingo at least once in your life. The drinks are cheap, the OAPs are lovely and there is always a laugh when the number '69' is called, but possibly the best part is the chance that you might win £300.

Wetherspoons Food
Now I've always loved 'spoons, there was a Wetherspoons at the end of my Dad's street and in recent years on the rare night that my dad and my sisters were all around we'd go for food. It's been a running joke in our family whenever anyone suggests we go out for dinner. It isn't exactly gourmet, you aren't going to find any confit of duck anywhere near this menu but you can get a decent steak and drink for £7 and the Thursday Curry Club is practically an institution in this country. It's great to just pop in if you are delayed anywhere like I was a couple of weeks ago and I ended up having brunch there, the local alcoholics welcomed me with open arms. It was quite nice really.

'Murican bacon, pancakes and maple syrup with a bottomless coffee, not bad for £3.50! 

Fragrance Direct
If you've not been on Fragrance Direct you need to go there right now. I'm being serious, stop reading and click this link. Good, right basically Fragrance Direct sell beauty products and fragrances for a ridiculously cheap price, all of the products are 100% real so you aren't getting ripped off. Last month I did 2 orders and got some lovely things new foundations and hair stuff to try out. Not only did I get some experimental stuff I also stocked up on some boring toiletries and my favourite Revlon Colorstay Foundation which was only £7, significantly cheaper than Boots. A saving of £5.50 is really not bad at all. Go and check it out because they have loads of things for under £5 so it makes it easier to discover something new.

What have you been loving this month? 


  1. I love Prada Candy, such a stunning scent <3

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