Sunday, 2 March 2014

Charity of the Month: HOPE Cosmetics

HOPE Cosmetics Sheffield

Hey guys, it's now the 2nd of March so I probably should have done this post yesterday but nevermind, I'm here to announce Hazel's Slightly Skint Blog's Charity of the Month. If you've been reading for a while you'll know that I mentioned HOPE in my Christmas update post and I said I wanted to get more involved with them, and I have.

HOPE is an amazing cause and could potentially help a lot more people than it currently does if we get the right support. HOPE raise awareness of and protects survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence by giving them the necessary tools and training to become economically independent. The profits from the cosmetics and jewelry sold get reinvested into the project, the more we sell, the more products we can make and the more futures we can change. Everything we make is of a ridiculously high standard to the point that the founders of the project physically went to Nigeria to find out about shea butter and test the quality. They are very dedicated people and that's what I like about HOPE, everyone is really involved in the project and it isn't a half arsed cause.

Being part of a project like this is brilliant for any beauty, fashion or charity blogger because its a great cause with lovely products. If you want to know anymore about HOPE please go to our website at If you want to keep up to date with the project give us a like on facebook, read the blog or follow our twitter, you can tweet us at @hope_cosmetics.

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  1. wow this is such a great cause!! i love this... <3 <3


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