Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Leftovers Recipes: Desserts

Here is the penultimate post in my Christmas Leftovers Recipes mini series and it's all about desserts.

1. Christmas Cake Bread and Butter Pudding - After Christmas you'll be leftover with all the ingredients for bread and butter pudding. Simply use Christmas cake instead of bread and all that cream that has been hanging about. Delicious. Can also be done with Stollen or Panettone.

2. Christmas Pudding Trifle - A lovely dessert for after Boxing Day lunch. Use up your cream, custard and any leftover Christmas pudding.

3. Christmas Pud Ice Cream - Stupidly simple but extremely impressive. Forget Sainsburys and make your own on the cheap!

4. Christmas Pudding Strudel - Delicious, more jazzed up version of Christmas pudding.

4. Chocolate Fondue with Christmas Cake - A fun and indulgent treat perfect for a New Years Eve party

6. Cake Pops - Great for doing with the kids or if you find sharing fondue off putting.

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7. Chocolate Salami - No really, this is a thing. You kind of need to see this.

8. Baileys Truffles - Good for a belated Christmas gift/birthday gift. Could be made later in the year providing you have any Baileys left.

9. Freeze it - Most cakes, creams, cheese and chocolates can be frozen. Check the manufacturers instructions or this guide for what items you can freeze.

10. Just eat the bloody thing - Seriously, why do you still have cake hanging around? What kind of human are you? Take it with pack up if you are going back to work

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