Tuesday, 29 October 2013

If I Wasn't Skint* #1

(*and horribly irresponsible)

Today's post is brought to you by the letter L for Lack of Internet. Sadly, my internet connection was supposed to be fixed today but I managed to fail at my life and miss the engineer, I am writing this post in the spare room hooked up to 'the wire' as we speak. Hopefully tomorrow I will have wifi and all will be good again.

If I wasn't skint, yesterday I'd have bought two rabbits.

My housemates and I took a jaunt out to Pets At Home yesterday to enquire about some fish. My boyfriend has been obsessing over having fish for some time now and we went to see if it would be viable. Whilst we were there I went to look at the rabbits, in particular the ones that needed rehoming. I love any animal that is fuzzy, fluffy or soft: I've been known to attempt to stroke urban foxes (until I realised they were full of disease and could be quite nasty). I've been following Beauty and the Baker blog for a while now and have been admiring Katie's adorable rabbits on her instagram as well which has not helped my pining for a house rabbit. So when I came across the two black bunnies that needed rehoming it was hard for me to leave them. They were the most beautiful animals I have ever seen. They had fur that looked like velvet and massive pointy ears like the rabbit pictured above. The pair were brothers and had been put up for adoption. I'm a bit like an X-Factor judge, I'm a sucker for a sob story.

Sadly though I could not afford the upkeep of a rabbit, let alone two. I had to leave them behind as I don't have enough space for them and I'm pretty sure my landlord would not be happy about keeping rabbits in the house. I did feel incredibly bad for them, someone obviously loved them enough to put them up for adoption but simply could care for them no longer. If I wasn't skint, I'd have bought two rabbits and loved them forever.


  1. I fully know how you feel, desperate for a puppy xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

  2. Haha love your blog, i'm so skint too! Just started following, hope you'll follow me back?!

  3. Aw if I wasn't skint I would so have a little kitten or a puppy!!

    Great blog hun, I just followed on bloglovin :)



    1. Thank you sweetie, once I'm out of uni and into somewhere that will let me keep pets I will rescue one of these :)

  4. If I wasn't so skint I'd buy myself a new perfume! Dying to treat myself! x


  5. So cute the rabbit a shame you couldn't keep it :) Gold fish is easier to maintain if you are looking for tropical fish is a bit harder :)

  6. I love rabbits, so cute but they are quite expensive and time consuming x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness


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