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Budget Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas
I can't believe that I've finally got the opportunity to use the Chilller font!
Trying to pick a costume for Halloween can be very time consuming and frustrating especially if you leave it till last minute. This post will hopefully (remind you that halloween is soon) give you a few different options to choose from whether you be creative and want to make your own costume or if you'd just like to buy a cheap pre made one. You don't want to end up like me last year, I made my costume at predrinks...

Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas
Corn Flake boxes make excellent panda ears!
Simple Home Made Costumes

You don't have to be an excellent seamstress or particularly good at art to create an awesome costume. What you do need, however, is patients, an imagination and probably some fake blood and face paint for when it all goes horribly horribly wrong.


Dobby Fancy Dress Costume

For this costume you will need to soak a Pillowcase (£2) (or an old t-shirt) in some tea to stain it then slash a hole in the top and sides to make neck and arm holes then tie up the shoulders. All you need then is to carry around a sock and talk like Dobby. You could also add cardboard ears stuck to a headband if you really want to go all out.

Medusa Fancy Dress Costume
To emulate Medusa you will need a Flat Bed Sheet (£6) and some plastic Snakes (£1). All you need to do is tie a toga and put some snakes in your hair either by plaiting your hair and weaving them in or attaching them to a head band.

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse Fancy Dress Costume
God rest her soul, Amy Winehouse was an icon and you can recreate her look with an Eyeliner Pen (£1) for her famous winged eyeliner and tattoos and some extremely vigorous backcombing to make a beehive. To complete her look dress in denim shorts and a chequered shirt. 

Robber/Where's Wally?

Robber Where's Wally? Fancy Dress Costume
A bit of a cop out (pun totally intended) but you can get striped t-shirts from Primark (£2.50) and add appropriate accessories to be either a robber or Wally.

Zombie [insert character name here]
Fake Blood
This is a costume for when you are clutching at straws a little. Just cover your costume and face in fake blood. Instant zombie. Please be careful though, last year I went to lectures with a bright red chin, remember to remove the blood thoroughly!

For more home made fancy dress ideas head over to Studentbeans and Squidoo. And if you still can think of anything just wear a mask.

Halloween Masks
Lack of preparation is scary, right?

Ready Made Costumes

Although I love making my own costumes and getting into the spirit of halloween, buying ready made costumes is less time consuming but you often pay a premium. The costumes I've selected are just a handful of what is available but these are the cheapest of the cheap. Seriously, who are these people spending £45+ on costumes?!

Angry Bird Costumes
Probably these guys...

Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

To go with your witch outfit you can get brooms at Poundland. They also do devil/fairy wings which can be a very versatile item for your dressing up kit. If in doubt you can always stick on some furry ears of some kind or go very budget fancy dress...

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