Thursday, 29 August 2013

StyleChi: a New Way to Shop

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Today’s post is one that I have kindly been asked to write by StyleChi after trialling their website. StyleChi is very different compared to some of the other websites I have blogged about in the past. It has a wholehost of premium and well-known brands including; AX Paris, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Converse, River Island and Melita Rose to name but a few. StyleChi offer these extremely sort after brands at a reduced cost.

StyleChi Brands

Let’s get this out in the open straight away, their products don’t look cheap. Now you are probably thinking that I’ve lost sight of what being ‘skint’ means but actually the creators of StyleChi have come up with a genius way for its users to get the latest trends and most desirable brands for a fraction of the cost and its waaaaay more rewarding than a points card.

StyleChi gives you Chi points for completing various actions which drive down the cost of the items on the site. The more you interact with other members, log in, share your favourite items on facebook and purchase items the more points you earn and the more discounted everything on the site gets. The discount is displayed right next to the original price so you can see how much discount you are getting. There are five levels which are determined by how many points you have as you move through the levels you will be entitled to different offers and larger discounts on items. Collecting points is really easy and you will move up in no time.

StyleChi Screen Shot

One thing I was impressed with is that you don’t pay a premium for getting the discounts. The delivery charge is about average for a clothing website at £3.95 and their recommended retail prices haven’t been inflated so you really are getting a great deal. If you are looking for a specific item it might be worth looking on StyleChi to see if you can get it cheaper. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, have look through what StyleChi has to offer and start saving on the brands you love today!

Sign up to StyleChi here and don't forget to add me as a friend to get points!

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