Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kirstie's Fill Your Home For Free

"Forget free love, this is about loving free"

Kirstie Allsopp

In Fill Your Home For Free, Kirstie is helping people refurnish their home for next to nothing or completely free. This series is trying to tell people that just because you are on a budget doesn't mean you have to live like a squatter. Although beggars can't be choosers, if you are willing to put the work in then something wonderful can be created and it wont cost you a penny.


  1. That's a great idea! My mom's best friend always finds brand new furniture thrown out on the street or in second hand shops and refurnishes them, sanding down the wood or changing the material and they're as good as new!

    Ada | thespianxx

    1. It is a worth while hobby to get into, it means you can have absolutely beautiful pieces in your home or make money from them :)
      I'm glad you enjoyed this post x


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