Saturday, 24 August 2013

She Likes Clothing: Pick of the Best

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning you will remember this post about She Likes Clothing where I talked about their minimum wage dress. Well since that post they have released two new dresses for this line. All the dresses are under £10.

Each dress from their line is supposed to represent the minimum wage per hour at each age band for the UK. The first is under 16s and costs £3.68, the second is 21+ and costs £6.19 and the final dress represents 18-20 year old's pay and costs £4.98. Each of these dresses comes in a wide range of colours so there is plenty to choose from. Personally I think this is an extremely clever idea and markets this brand well. I also love the design of these dresses because I think they cater to everyone.

She Likes also has some other lovely items such as these:

I love brands that have a lines, it just makes the entire brand more accessible. Not everyone has loads of money to spend on clothing especially when trends are constantly changing.

Have you ever ordered from She Likes Clothing?


  1. oh I didn't know this website - thanks for sharing! I like the galaxy skirt but I don't think I could pull it off :( x

    1. I think at £5 you could always get it and see how it works!
      I'm glad I've managed to show you something new :)


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