Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Feed the Family for a Fiver: Vietnamese Prawn Pho Recipe


When I went to London with my boyfriend last year (pictured above) I discovered Pho, it is a beautifully filling noodle broth from Vietnam. It usually contains beef but the recipe I've got here is for prawns. Equally you could do this after a Sunday roast with left over chicken or beef and add in some of the left over veg.

If you don't want to use bean sprouts, substitute it with some baby sweetcorn, mange tout or frozen spinach. I've missed out the bits of decorative greenery and chosen to use a thai paste because you couldn't get all the fresh ingredients for under £5 unless you visit an Asian food store and you'd still end up with some left over where as this paste could be frozen in small portions to avoid waste.

Thai paste - £1.19
Spring onions - £0.74
Instant noodles x2 - £0.30
Bean sprouts - £0.60
Frozen prawns - £1.88
Stock cube - £0.01
Frozen peas (about a handful) - £0.10

Total £4.82

Click here to be taken to the recipe!

Have fun cooking!

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