Monday, 1 July 2013

Everything 5 Pounds Mini Haul

I've always been a massive fan of the concept behind but haven't ever ordered anything. Recently I decided to take the plunge and investigate what the site had to offer.

If you couldn't guess from the website's name each item on the site is priced at just £5. There are a large variety of items from jewellery to nightwear. My initial interest had come from a post on facebook, everyday new items are added to the site and they advertise them on facebook before they are uploaded to the site. I'd seen a couple of bucket bags that I wanted to buy, so I set my alarm for 10am ready for the items to be uploaded onto the website.

I had to wait till around 10.30 for the particular items I wanted to become available. I added them to my basket but by the time I actually came to checking out they'd all sold out! I was devastated. So I sulked for a bit and decided not to place an order at that time.

The next day when I went on facebook up came another picture of one of the bags I had wanted and it looked as though they had more stock. So I hurriedly got back on the site, added the bag to my basket along with a few other items and checked out as quickly as I could.

Here is what I ended up buying...  

Everything 5 Pounds Grey Skater Dress
3/4 Sleeves Skater Dress With Belt

Everything 5 Pounds Grey and Black Suedette Wedge Brogue Boots
Two Tone Suedette Wedge Brogue Boots

Everything 5 Pounds Brown Suedette Bucket Bag
Suedette Bucket Bag - Sold Out 

These three items only cost me £15 plus £6 for postage. Even in Primark you couldn't buy items of this quality for £21. Needless to say I was extremely impressed.

I'd heard a few negative things about this site, people had said that clothing fitted poorly but I thought the dress was a fantastic fit on me and the shoes were perfect. I did note that on the site some of the items didn't come a good range of sizes - the majority of the shoes only came in a size 3. There was also an issue with some of the pictures on the site, they often display items in colours that are no longer available. Although this was annoying and some people have got really angry about it, for me it wasn't that much of an issue; high street retailers are guilty of doing this especially on sale items. Although postage was quite expensive my items arrived safe and within 2 working days which is more than what can be said about other retailers who leave you hanging on for 5+ days.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the items I received and would definitely order again. Have you ever ordered from E5P before? Let me know in the comments :) 


  1. hello,

    i just bought the same shoes but in the brown color, what can you say about the quality en comfort, do they walk nicely??

    xoxo tess

    1. Hi jess,
      The shoes are brilliant quality. I find that they are more weighted to the front so be careful of that. Because I have small feet I struggle with heels anyway but these are comfortable for me to walk in no problem.
      I hope this has helped you :)
      P.S. let me know how you get on @hazey_mae


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