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DIY Dolce and Gabbana floral sunglasses

Dolce and Gabbana Floral Sunglasses

In this post I will show you how to make some lovely fimo roses to recreate the essence of these Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. This craft costs less than £5 so even less than the high street and online copies I have seen. 

Dolce and Gabbana Floral Sunglasses DIY
All you need to make these are:
Sunglasses with wide arms - Mine were from Primark and cost £2 but you could use some old ones
Fimo (polymer) clay - I chose white, blue and purple and got mine from an eBay seller who had some off cuts. You can mix colours together so this might help to keep costs down.
Super glue
Sharp knife
Protective mat - I used a plastic mat and a magazine to make sure I didn't cut through my table
Oven - You will need to set your roses once you've formed them

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower
1. Take a blob of clay and roll it around in your hands until it is pliable. Then form a ball just smaller than a 1p coin. This size will make one large rose. I used 6 large roses and four small roses on my glasses.

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower
 2. Roll the ball into a snake. 

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower
3. Divide your snake into four pieces.

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower Petals
4. Press your pieces so they form thin (almost) circular pieces.

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower Petals
5. Here is where you will start to see your rose taking shape. You need to gently roll one edge of the circle into the middle so you end up with something like this...

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower Petals
 6. Once you are happy with the shape you need to bend the the petals back a little bit so they open out a bit more. 

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower Petals
 7. Next you need to add another circle to create more petals. You should place your next circle over the seam of the first piece and wrap it around the first piece.

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower Petals
 8. Open the petals out again.

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower
9. Repeat with the two remaining petals until you have a rose.

Fimo Polymer Rose Flower
10. Now you need to cut off the end so you have a flat bottom making it much easier to glue.

11. Repeat the steps until you have made enough roses. To make the smaller roses use half the amount of a large rose and only make two circles.

The Simpsons
12. Now you need to place your roses on some tin foil in the oven as per the manufacturers instructions. I accidentally left my roses in the oven a little too long so they became a bit discoloured (which I actually quite liked). Once they have baked enough you need to leave them to cool for about 10-20 minutes. During the cooking and cooling I decided to watch The Simpsons.

13. Once your roses have cooled you can start gluing them into position. You might want to blue tack them in place to see how they look before you glue. Make sure that you press the roses firmly to ensure they glue properly. I placed some on the front and some down the arms of the glasses.

DIY Dolce and Gabbana Floral Sunglasses
14. Now you are finished!

I decided to glue some pearl beads on as well to make them my own. You can add pretty much anything else from buttons to diamant├ęs - just get creative with them.

DIY Dolce and Gabbana Floral Sunglasses

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