Thursday, 13 June 2013

Review: Butterball Bath Balistic by Lush


This morning when I went for my bath I decided to use a Butterball bath bomb I was given at Christmas because I just wanted to use it up before it went off. I was really surprised by this bath bomb. I don't usually like using them because I think they are pointless; they look nice while they dissolve and colour the water slightly but they don't offer much else. 

This was a much different experience. Butterball is formulated with cocoa butter which melts in the hot water allowing it to cover your skin instantly. I'd recommend this product if you were looking for a relaxing bath but didn't have much time - because the water turns slightly oily it moisturises your skin so you don't have to bother after your bath. As someone who suffers with dry skin this would be a perfect treat which won't break the bank or my dry skin.

Butterball retails for £2.45 and can be found in Lush stores and online.

A cheap treat for dry skin when you don't have the time to relax


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