Friday, 21 June 2013

How To Save Money On High End Makeup

In this video Wayne Goss lists 5 ways to help save money on high end brands

And here are a few more ways to save money on high end cosmetics:

  • Look for reviews - there is no point buying something if it is not suited to you. A quick google may be all it takes to save £30
  • Smaller sizes - again, if you aren't sure a product is going to suit you get a smaller size. Many brands have 'try-me-kits' like BenefitLiz Earle and Clinique which generally cost under £20
  • Try dupes - sometimes there are perfectly good products from cheaper brands at a much lower price
  • Work benefits - although this will be very specific it can be quite useful. There is money to be saved with things like the Health Services Discount, the Forces Discount or even union discounts from NUS and NUS Extra
  • Gifts - ask for products as gifts 
What are your tips to save money on high end cosmetics?

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