Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Saviour Snack Box Review

Saviour Snack Box

Today's post is a review of the Saviour Snack subscription Box, a fantastic little goodie box full of treats which are extremely healthy and good for you. The box I bought was the Super Skinny Box, £14.95 £4.95 including delivery (available weekly, fortnightly or monthly), containing 14 snacks which are 120 calories or less. Saviour have various different snack boxes to choose from depending on your budget and dietary requirements - I chose this box because I'm looking to discover healthy snacks and realised that if I ate one thing a day then it would last me 2 weeks.

Saviour Snack Box Review

When the box was delivered I was having a pretty crappy day so being presented with this gorgeous box my mood was instantly lifted. The first thing that I loved about this concept is that it feels super indulgent and exciting but is totally guilt-free. Everything is perfectly packaged and I really looked forward to delving into the little treasure chest once a day to get my mid-afternoon snack. I think the fact that I knew I wasn't putting absolute crap in my body amplified this feeling. Having a little crib sheet about the box's contents helped - it details everything from calories to vegan status so you can be sure you know what is going into your body.

Saviour Snack Box Review

My box contained a good mix of branded and Saviour's own products and the range changes with every box. I was worried that the entire box would just be full of mixed fruit and nuts but there was a nice selection of different things, they've gone to a massive effort to create some interesting fruit and nut combinations. I adored the Pogo Pack which had some yummy berries, almonds and pumpkin seed. The great thing about the snacks is that they are decently portioned and great for putting in your bag so you'll never have to make a poor food choice when out and about again.  I'm pleased they provided both sweet and savory snacks so I have a choice depending on my mood. From my box I particularly enjoyed the Nairs Cheese Oaty Bakes, the Bear Pineapple YoYo and, my absolute favourite, the Clearly Scrumptious Golden Berries.

I have looked about to see if I can get all of my favourites for normal shops and found everything either at Tesco or online, most items are around the £1 mark and made me feel a little bit better about the expense of the service. In terms of it being a discovery service it works very well for me as I'm not used to buying healthy snacks (read: I usually eat crisps) so I've discovered new things that I'd purchase again. In terms of price, there is no way I'd be able to justify paying full price for this service regularly at the moment, £15 is quite expensive and equates to a weeks shop for myself (!). If you are interested you can sign up to their newsletter (here) and get a box for £4.95 and then cancel your subscription. Until I have a full time job and no other pressing responsibilities I'll have to put this one on hold but it is something I'd love to have in the future because it is so delicious and makes snacking less complicated.

Would you subscribe to something like this?

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