Monday, 17 February 2014

Essentials for Treating a Cold

How is everyone doing? I'm back at lectures now and have caught a cold from all the germs which have been flying around, eww. A cold is inevitable at this time of year but you don't have to suffer with one for long, this post will help give some tips on how to avoid feeling shitty for too long.

Keep yourself well watered. Usually I can't drink water unless it is ice cold but when I have a cold I HATE drinking cold water it tastes so strange. What I drink instead is herb teas, Dr Stuart's Valerian tea is incredible to help you sleep and the classic honey and lemon drink is always a winner to sooth even the worst sore throat. If you are feeling low on energy have some kind of sports energy drink like Lucozade or have pure orange juice instead.

It might be worth taking some vitamin tablets just to make sure you are getting enough of the things your body needs especially if you aren't eating properly.

Cartoons/Jeremy Kyle/OK Magazine
Choose something nice and mind numbing, you'll feel relaxed and be taken back to those times when you were off school because you were ill.

Keep Warm
It's nice to go on a little walk if you can to get some fresh air but you still need to keep warm. Wear a cute hat, gloves and scarf combo with a coat over your favourite jumper. Don't over heat when you are inside though as this can be bad for you, turn the heating down but keep a blanket or something snuggly close by.

My sister's dog in his hat :)
Pain Relief
Take some kind of painkiller if you are getting pains, headaches or an extremely sore throat. I'm no doctor but we all know that you should never overdose on painkillers, like ever. Even if you are still in pain, don't get tempted to take more than you should as it can cause liver problems and make you more sick than you started. What you can do if you are still not feeling right is take both paracetamol and ibuprofen together, don't worry it is safe! Remember not to get conned into buying expensive branded medicine as it almost always contains the exact same ingredients but with a huge mark up, always go for supermarket own brand stuff.

It it is just essential and delicious! My lovely friend bought me over some homemade soup to help me cope with my cold, she is a diamond.

Yes, I did a little giggle at this
Remember: don't do too much
It's always tempting when you feel a bit better to try and catch up with everything you've not done whilst you've been in bed but you always end up doing too much and making yourself iller the next day. Ease yourself back in gently and try to do things from your bed if possible, Florence Nightingale wrote over 200 books and articles from her bed. If working in bed is good enough for Flo, then it's good enough for anyone!

What are your essentials for surviving a cold? 

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