Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cooking in Bulk: Why Bigger is Better

Fancy not photoshop skillz
How has everyone been this week? Good I hope! Today I've destroyed my kitchen been doing some meal prep for the coming week. Cooking can be pleasurable but during the week it can be a pain if I'm busy or feeling particularly lazy (which is most of the time). By investing a little bit of time I've saved time cooking and washing up during the week. I hate washing up so only having to do it once is great news for me. Cooking in bulk is saving me money too because now I won't be tempted to order in or have to pick up overpriced sandwiches for lunch!

A lot of shit went into this chilli
I decided to cook a gigantic vegetarian chilli because it's easy and can be combined with different things so it doesn't get boring. I'm probably going to have this with rice for a main meal or in a wrap with lettuce for a filling lunch, I could also put some on top of tortilla chips for a snack. Anything that I haven't eaten by wednesday will be portioned up and go in the freezer for quick meals in the future.
What's a delicious chilli like you doing in a kitchen like this?
Have a great week everyone :) x 

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