Saturday, 21 September 2013

ELF Store in Cardiff?!

Eyes Lips Face launched online in the UK in 2007 and this year sees their first ever physical store which will be situated in Cardiff's Royal Arcade. Although their products can be a bit hit and miss the majority of what they have to offer is not only affordable but also good quality. With the store open there will be more chance to sample the products before you buy which is amazing news for everyone. I love ELF cosmetics and have been loving the brand since mid 2008. My personal favourite products are their Blush in Merry Berry and the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black. If you are in Cardiff then you should definitely visit the shop and if you aren't you can find everything online at

Why oh why do I not live anywhere near Wales?


  1. Great, I will make sure I pay it a visit next time I go to Wales!

  2. Must go there?! haha I'm a midlander though so it's an arse to get to Cardiff. Stupid Expensive trains!

    1. Buying an expensive train ticket would negate the cheap price of the products :(
      I just hope that they open further stores or do like what they've done in America and just have stands in larger shops!

  3. I've never tried any ELF products because they don't ship to my country! I've seen lots about them but I can't try them, it's frustraiting!
    Hope the store opens up soon!!


    1. It's gutting and I think they are missing out by not shipping all over
      Thanks for reading!

  4. I must be the last person on earth to try e.l.f lol!! Ive nominated you for a Liebster Award, read my post here!! xo


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